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Integrated Design & Green Building Code Compliance Training for Building Inspectors, Architects, General Contractors and Their Sub-Contractor Partners & Demand-Side Management Programs & Deep Energy Retrofits that Deliver Real Value for Communities, Consumers and Contractors.

Aligned Incentives For Better Buildings

Empowerment for Communities, Consumers & Contractors Alike

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Green Building and Integrated Design

IECC Training for Building Inspectors, Architects and General Contractors

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Residential Energy-Efficiency Program Support & Redesign

Home Energy Auditor Professionalization, Lecture & Field-based Trade-Partner Training, for Deep-Energy Retrofits that Deliver Real Value

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Who Says You Can’t Teach an Old Dog New Tricks? Heat Pumps are On the Horizon…

When “beneficial electrification” advocates began suggesting that cold-climate heat-pumps reduce carbon emissions when compared to high-efficiency natural-gas furnaces, we were skeptical at first. After all, with more than a decade working in the residential and commercial energy-retrofit industry, heating with electricity was a worse-case scenario; the emissions were about four times higher, and the monthly…

For Seasoned Veterans, Lessons We’ve Learned

Episode 2 – How Failed Green Jobs and Energy Poverty Shaped This Founder Shared from Uplight: Welcome to our second season! Over the next eight episodes, we’ll hear from people who’ve scaled new clean energy technologies, built market-changing companies from scratch, and managed big firms in the face of competitive threats. Show Notes: In this…

Building Science Boot-Camp

We’re wrapping up our Green Building Code Workshop for the Larimer County Building Services team, with 6-weekly sessions. We presented 10 “applied building science” modules, and covered all things relevant to health, efficiency, and how best to meet or exceed green-building codes. The Larimer County Chief Building Official, Eric Fried said…“Mike was very flexible and…

More Grunts, Fewer Visionaries,

from Getting Green Done, by Auden Schendler, VP of Sustainability, Aspen Ski Company “In sum, we must act now – because we have to, and so that we are ready, with experience on the ground, to move even faster when good policy arrives, good policy that we helped bring about. Through it all, we have…

Energy Auditor, Version 3.0

Is it time to rethink the role for energy auditors in residential demand-side management programs? Utility & ratepayer sponsored residential energy-efficiency programs are struggling to attract; new customers, qualified energy auditors, and qualified contractors. While there are inherent market challenges, like cheap energy & a new-construction boom scooping up all the available manpower, one of…