CNG Consulting brings over 10-years of technical field experience to municipal building departments and utility demand-side management programs, including; workshop & field-based training for program managers, energy auditors, building inspectors and general contractors alike.

We help grow residential and business energy-efficiency programs to achieve measurable energy savings. Improved & redesigned processes lead to increased customer engagement & better project outcomes, while reducing costs for all stakeholders.

Collaborative workshops promote better buy-in across the construction process.

Building departments can achieve improved compliance with energy code updates while engaging the home building industry in our “practical best-practice” approach.  Building contractors can expect to reduce the costs of compliance & achieve predictable profit margins, while delivering more value to their clients.  

Working closely with our partners, we prioritize strategic objectives, and manage implementation with a well-defined results framework that consistently delivers achievable positive outcomes.  

Policies and procedures are assessed in direct relationship to progress in achieving results; at the inputs, outcomes, and impact levels. Operational hurdles and technical gaps are identified to streamline and improve existing processes.  Market challenges are addressed and low-costs good ideas are not overlooked.

Monitoring and Evaluation are essential to high-performing programs and organizations.  For that reason, we conduct technical field-based quality-control inspections and provide on-the-job professionalization services for our trade-allies on an ongoing basis.

Our focus in building-science training naturally lends itself to our other core services including; Green Workforce Training, Building Energy Benchmarking, and our innovative and patent pending “HVAC-Verified┬«” remote quality installation & commissioning program.

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