More Grunts, Fewer Visionaries,

from Getting Green Done, by Auden Schendler, VP of Sustainability, Aspen Ski Company

“An antidote and an alternative to ‘greenwash’ that threatens our planet and our children”, Dr. James E. Hansen, director, NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies

“In sum, we must act now – because we have to, and so that we are ready, with experience on the ground, to move even faster when good policy arrives, good policy that we helped bring about. Through it all, we have to focus on action, on actually getting things done. After years of studies and not much change, after small piddling projects that get big press because they are accompanied by huge marketing campaigns, after ineffective or meaningless government programs, and after the the thousandth sustainability conference about big ideas that don’t contribute anything other than another rubber chicken dinner and a few good cocktails, it’s time to buckle down. We need to radically increase the ratio of grunts to visionaries, with fewer grand pronouncements made from the podiums and more belly-crawling through the swamps.”

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